Inaugural Challenge Turku gathered overwhelmingly positive feedback from the athletes. Yvonne Van Vlerken was the first female pro to cross the finish line at 4:14:07. Jaroslav Kovacic from  Slovenia was the best male pro, his time in the fast course was 3:48:03.

In addition to the representing field of top pro athletes such as Timo Bracht who was the second (3:49:07) and Per Bittner finishing fourth (3:50:16) the ex Prime Minister of Finland Mr Alexander Stubb was racing as an age group athlete. (4:43:48).

“I have been racing in other international events abroad and I am happy to state that Challenge Turku has all the ingredients to become one of the classic races in Europe”, Mr Stubb commented the race.

Yvonne Van Vlerken commented also the race and the organization behind it: “ I have seen quite a few races and I give excellent score to Challenge Turku. I am not that much of a city person, so by stating so positively about this race means truly something! I will do my best that the race which now gathered about 400 athletes will at least double its size “.

Event Director Mr Heikki Jaatinen is also very happy about the outcome of the weekend, which was kicked off on Saturday by Junior Challenge and Sprint races and continued on Sunday by Half Distance race. “Last year when the event was organized the first time all went well, but this year we took a huge leap forward as an organization and event organizers. This gives as a solid platform to continue towards 2017”.

The second pro female after Yvonne Van Vlerken was Sara Loehr Muñoz from Spain and third Palmira Alvarez from Mexico. The second best male pro was Timo Bracht ahead of young Finnish pro athlete Henrik Goesch who became third.